“Zellysart” Signs Design Collaboration and Agreement for Physical Product Activation with “Driftout”

3 min readAug 13, 2023

Zellysart, the leading brand planning company behind the MetaZellys Project (led by CEO Bruno Cho), has announced a business partnership with “Driftout,” a creative collective operated by Brand Firm Co., Ltd. (led by CEO Seunghwan Gu).

[Zellys walking T-shirt_ZellySpace]

Through this agreement, both parties plan to collaborate on various initiatives, including the production of t-shirts featuring Zellys Artwork, collaborations with different artists, and co-creation of products in collaboration with businesses. Furthermore, Zellys Art intends to host competitions to discover noteworthy artists, resulting in the creation of “Zellys Walking Gallery” t-shirts through collaboration with Driftout. These t-shirts will be produced and promoted through the largest domestic fashion platform, “MUSINSA.”

Driftout is a creative group that communicates with the world through the medium of t-shirts, incorporating graphics and illustrations. It aims to create economic, social, and cultural value by gathering diverse emotions and designs in the realm of Driftout and producing various merchandise.

Zellysart is the second art project pursued by Zellys Space Co., Ltd. Currently, they are on a journey to create a total of 5,000 Web3 arts by collaborating with emerging and renowned artists, as well as celebrities, both domestically and internationally. With around 400 active artists currently, their aim is to form a Zellys community of thousands when they complete 5,000 works in collaboration with 5,000 artists, composed of MetaZellys IP Holder Group, Zellysart Creator Group, and Collectors who purchase the artwork.

Brand Firm CEO Seunghwan Gu stated, “Through our joint project with Zellys Art, we anticipate creating opportunities for artists to turn their works into products rather than just remaining on canvas, enabling them to connect more closely with consumers.”

ZellySpace CEO Bruno Cho mentioned, “Through a strategic partnership with Brand Firm, we plan to discover emerging artists using Zellysart as a medium and move onto the next phase by commercializing their works.” he added, “Thanks to Driftout, which produces diverse t-shirts and related goods through graphics and illustrations, we can now create custom products for various companies, not just Zellysart. In this process, artists who participate in Zellys Art will also have the opportunity to grow together, which is highly anticipated.”


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