“Zellys” Heading Towards Global Markets… Actively Initiating Overseas Market Strategies

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5 min readDec 12, 2023

*This content is a translation of an interview from Blockchain Today (https://www.blockchaintoday.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=39440)

Zellyspace, a web3 branding agency, is driving the NFT project MetaZellys and the ZellysArt project that connects online and offline art to popularize digital assets. With a focus on character value, the goal is to create characters that can be utilized across various regions and industries. MetaZellys is a holder-growth character leading the web3 ecosystem, where 5,000 holders of Zellys character NFTs gain the right to commercially utilize their owned character designs in various products.

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◆Could you please provide a brief introduction to your company?

I’m Hyunjin Cho, leading the MetaZellys project at Zellyspace Inc., also known as Bruno. It’s a pleasure to meet you. To talk about the brand, we need to start with an explanation of the characters. We have characters called Zellys, which I’m sure almost everyone knows about. It’s a ‘Zellys’ character loved by people of all ages. We’re creating characters that can satisfy all senses. We have a brand story about Zellys constantly pursuing goals while embarking on challenges to reach the universe.

◆MetaZellys, as the name suggests, is a Web3.0 company focused on the metaverse and NFTs. Could you introduce the ecosystem of MetaZellys?

MetaZellys is a system where holders of NFTs nurture characters. Our holders are those who effectively utilize various ecosystems geographically and industrially. As it’s a global project, we are expanding the ecosystem from Korea to Southeast Asia, the US, and Europe.

◆What benefits do MetaZellys holders receive?

The biggest benefit from our NFTs is the authority to use the IP commercially. Holders will create various products, and we’ll provide utilities for them. The evolving utility they receive is the holders’ benefit. Additionally, they can use the character as a PFP (profile picture) and display their presence within the community. They also gain the authority to engage, either as a member or business-wise, within the membership community. Ultimately, becoming owners of the ecosystem the character builds is the holders’ benefit.

◆Could you explain about the Zellys game?

Currently, a partner company in Singapore has incorporated our characters into their game. Zellys characters are part of a shooting game this summer. Also, there are developers in Korea working on this character. As I expand into Southeast Asia, I strongly feel that blockchain games are a forte. Many companies want to use these characters diversely in games, so discussions are active.

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◆MetaZellys seems to make NFTs and Web3.0 more accessible and enjoyable. I heard about being able to encounter MetaZellys not only online but also offline through the ZellysArt project. Can you tell us more about the ZellysArt project?

While there’s a project to gather owners of the ecosystem called MetaZellys, we are also concurrently working on the ZellysArt project. It’s a Web3 art project aimed at collaborating with 5,000 artists to express Zellys through their drawing styles or characters, imbuing them with the artists’ ownership. We’re planning global exhibitions and commercialization.

◆Recently, you participated as a keynote speaker at ‘World Web3.0 Marvels Bangkok.’ What topics did you cover?

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been accelerating our expansion into Southeast Asia. I discussed reasons to venture into the Web3 market and strategies for growing businesses within this market.

◆Starting from Bangkok, I’m curious about MetaZellys’ global growth strategy.

We’re actively expanding our business in the Southeast Asian market. There were various partners involved in this process. As for whether we’ll move towards the Middle East, Japan, the US, or Europe, it’s something we need to observe. We plan to proceed flexibly depending on the strong responses from holders in each region. Next year, we aim to further expand our business in overseas markets.

◆There were news about collaborations with the Interchain platform ‘Havah’ and Layer 0 blockchain ‘Unicorn Ultra’ in the latter half of this year. Can you share future collaboration plans?

We deliberated a lot on which mainnet to move towards. From our project’s perspective, we handle content, and we’re intensifying collaborations with various mainnet foundations through multicollaborations. Recently, we’ve been venturing towards Polygon. Given that their marketplace and wallet are already platformized, we continue collaborating with multiple projects.

◆This year is coming to an end. What was the most meaningful moment for you and MetaZellys in 2023?

2023 was indeed a challenging year. Despite the end-of-year atmosphere, I’d like to see it not as the end but as a new starting point to consistently pursue new projects. Even in the same season, I’d like to propel forward with the fervor similar to the intense heat of Southeast Asia.

◆What are MetaZellys’ goals for 2024?

Primarily, overseas expansion seems to be the focus. Since holders want to use IPs diversely, we’ll concentrate on this aspect too. With the completion of 3D modeling, individuals can now implement desired movements and customization. To strengthen content, we plan to broaden our scope to dramas, movies, and expand into the physical economy. Our goals revolve around geographical expansion, business-wise strategies, and extending the mainnet.

◆Lastly, a message for the readers of Monthly BlockchainToday, please.

I’d like to express gratitude to BlockchainToday for delivering industry news despite the cold in the blockchain industry. Also, to the readers who have shown interest, thank you. I hope next year, through more collaborations, we can create a joyful 2024 together.


MetaZellys is a limited edition blockchain PFP project that consists of 5,000 NFTs. It is a digital collection project based on open intellectual property (IP) that supports the owner’s secondary creation and licensing business. We aim to create a Buy & Biz culture with diverse business owners and a Contribution culture where community members can interact with each other in their unique way. The project also includes global expansions in various directions such as blockchain P2E games, brand collaboration, and the issuance of various goods

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