MetaZellys X UltraV, ‘Zellys Ampoule Private Meetup’ Successfully Completed

4 min readAug 30, 2023
  • Introducing the ‘Triple Exo Ampoule’ by Zellys Ampoule
  • Meaningful time with the introduction of various business models and networking by holders

On the 22nd, MetaZellys successfully concluded a private holder party event co-hosted with UltraV at the ‘WooHyangWoo Cheongdam’ lounge in Cheongdam-dong. This meetup was a significant opportunity to present MetaZellys’ past, present, and future vision and direction. UltraV introduced the ‘Zellys Ampoule’ for the first time and the event featured presentations on UltraV’s products and technology, MetaZellys holder business announcements, enhanced MetaZellys holder benefits, and holder networking time.

‘Physital’ is a portmanteau of ‘Physical’ and ‘Digital’, which refers to the amplification of physical experiences in offline spaces through digital means. Holders of MetaZellys NFTs can commercially use the IP for product creation, distribution, sales, and licensing, contributing to promotion and marketing within the community. MetaZellys has expanded from digital NFTs into the physical business realm and is gaining global recognition. This strategy has helped maintain and increase the high value of MetaZellys NFTs despite global market downturns.

Zellys by MetaZellys is considered a ‘holder growth character’ leading the Web 3.0 ecosystem, progressively applying NFTs to real-life domains. The showcased ‘Triple Exo Ampoule’ as part of the Zellys Ampoule line, as well as MetaZellys PC rooms and Jelly Traders, were introduced as prime examples of holders actively utilizing them in practical businesses.

The ‘UltraV Triple Exo Ampoule,’ also known as the ‘Zellys Ampoule,’ reportedly draws inspiration from the pink image of MetaZellys character #3594, effectively incorporating it into the design and product development. Utilizing UltraV’s exceptional product technology of ‘freeze-drying,’ this product ensures that beneficial ingredients for the skin remain fresh and pure when used. This product contains components such as Exosomes, PDRN (PolyDeoxyRiboNucleotide), and Glutathione, which aid in soothing the skin, reducing redness, improving elasticity, and diminishing wrinkles, thus promoting rapid skin recovery and balance maintenance.

Hyunjoon Ahn, CEO of Foblgate, a virtual asset exchange, delivered a presentation titled ‘Finding New W and B.’ It was an opportunity to share the future of Foblgate and Zellys, which serve as guides for Korea’s new economic driving forces in blockchain and the Web 3.0 era. Despite challenges like the Bitcoin halving and global financial crises, the blockchain market is poised for various positive developments. Foblgate aims to leap forward as an irreplaceable blockchain enterprise in collaboration with MetaZellys.

Regarding the ‘MetaZellys PC Gangnam’ project, Jeon Jun-su, CEO of MetaX, shared its prospects. Designed as the next-generation Web 3 PC room, it features various types of PC zones, including regular seats, private seats, couple seats, VIP seats, Hold’em tables, MetaZellys photo zones, and event halls. The project plans to offer online Hold’em tournaments as well. Targeting the MZ generation that leads the Web 3 era, it provides services linked to real life. The Web 3 PC room serves as a gateway to usher the MZ generation into the MetaZellys ecosystem, offering more benefits to existing Zellys holders.

‘Zelly Trader’ provides quant trading services with leveraged investments in 180 items listed on Binance. It ensures reliability by allowing traders to directly engage in trading with their accounts. It offers high returns compared to traditional investment companies while maintaining low risk. It provides convenience with 365-day withdrawal availability. Although primarily targeting general high-volume traders and institutional investors, it offers benefits such as free use of Jelly Trader or subscription fee discounts to MetaZellys holders.

This meetup was exclusive to VIP guests and holders invited by both companies. Over 100 participants, including representatives from various industries like beauty, F&B, entertainment, content, and finance, as well as celebrities and influencers, attended. All holders who participated in the event received UltraV’s ‘Edvenon Prestige Ampoule’ as a gift, and the ‘Triple Exo Ampoule’ was sold on-site for around 150,000 KRW. The event received praise for successfully planning a networking event among holders with tangible products and delicious refreshments, despite the challenging times.


MetaZellys is a limited edition blockchain PFP project that consists of 5,000 NFTs. It is a digital collection project based on open intellectual property (IP) that supports the owner’s secondary creation and licensing business. We aim to create a Buy & Biz culture with diverse business owners and a Contribution culture where community members can interact with each other in their unique way. The project also includes global expansions in various directions such as blockchain P2E games, brand collaboration, and the issuance of various goods

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