MetaZellys is emerging as a leader in the global brands arena, propelled by its Brand Laureate Award win

3 min readJan 2, 2024


The Brand Laureate Awards, held at the Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on the 6th, drew attention worldwide as MetaZellys received accolades for its innovative solutions in the realm of Web3.0 NFT and Zellys NFT. This recognition is emblematic of pioneering digital transformations and pays tribute to bold and daring pioneers who have left a remarkable impact on life.

The Brand Laureate Awards, initiated in the United States in 2005, now organized by The World Brands Foundation (TWBF) based in Malaysia, are prestigious accolades recognized globally. These awards honor individuals, companies, and organizations with esteemed brand value worldwide.

Among the awardees this year was Prem Rawat, who set a Guinness World Record for the ‘largest attendance at a lecture.’ In November, 375,603 individuals including students, dignitaries, intellectuals, and individuals gathered in Gaya, India, to attend Prem Rawat’s lecture titled “Understanding the Value of Life: Know Yourself.”

In 2023, the standout companies of the year include Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft, Tencent Cloud, Tata Consultancy Services, among others. Companies like PTT Synergy Group, Fomema, Watsons Malaysia, Euro Holdings, and Institut Jantung Negara were also part of the selection.

They’ve been granted to around 500 recipients from over 80 countries globally. Since 2019, the awards have expanded to Singapore, China, Australia, Vietnam, and are currently held in ten countries. Judging brand excellence across five aspects — brand strategy, culture, innovation, fairness, and communication — the awards aim to select outstanding individuals and enterprises.

Renowned figures like Lionel Messi (footballer), Tom Cruise (actor), Harrison Ford (actor), Adele (singer), Olivia Newton-John (singer), Bill Gates (business magnate), Jim Rogers (business investor), among others, have been recipients of this prestigious award. Notable Korean recipients include Choi Kyung-ju (golfer), Yi So-yeon (Korea’s first astronaut), and Ahn Sung-ki (actor).

MetaZellys grants NFT holders commercial rights to their owned intellectual property (IP). It offers opportunities to freely use, commercially exploit, sell, and license characters associated with NFTs. With over 5,000 Zellys characters evolving and meeting diverse friends in cities worldwide, MetaZellys is in discussions with more than 100 brands, aiming for collaborations. Particularly focusing on expanding into the global market, especially in Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Thailand, they are showcasing innovative approaches through the fusion of Web3 technology and the strengths of combining Web2 and brand power.

By establishing a brand ecosystem, MetaZellys is creating a platform for various global brands to collaborate with Zellys. Winning the Brand Laureate Award not only elevates their global brand value but also raises expectations for continued growth and innovation on a global scale.


MetaZellys is a limited edition blockchain PFP project that consists of 5,000 NFTs. It is a digital collection project based on open intellectual property (IP) that supports the owner’s secondary creation and licensing business. We aim to create a Buy & Biz culture with diverse business owners and a Contribution culture where community members can interact with each other in their unique way. The project also includes global expansions in various directions such as blockchain P2E games, brand collaboration, and the issuance of various goods

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