MetaZellys Expands into Southeast Asian Market through a Business Agreement with Layer-0 Blockchain ‘Unicorn Ultra’

2 min readSep 23, 2023
  • MetaZellys is expanding into various platforms such as wallets, exchanges, and more built on the U2U network.

MetaZellys, a web3 brand planning agency leading the MetaZellys project (CEO Bruno Cho), signed an agreement with Unicorn Ultra, an operator of a Layer-0 blockchain platform, on the 14th.

Unicorn Ultra (U2U) is an ecosystem based on the Venture Builder model that aims to construct a comprehensive cradle for startups. It is based on its own Layer-0 blockchain and represents a groundbreaking advancement in blockchain technology, specifically engineered for enterprise solutions and a strong commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations.

As a major partner of MetaZellys in the Vietnamese market, U2U will support and build the end-user community together with platform partners. MetaZellys is set to expand into various platforms built on the U2U network. In addition, MetaZellys will be introduced at events hosted or co-hosted by the U2U Foundation, providing brand exposure to numerous communities. Both parties have committed to mutual efforts in cross-marketing and co-branding to support and integrate developers for the expansion of MetaZellys in the Southeast Asian region and the entry of U2U into the Korean market.

Bruno Cho, CEO of JellySpace, stated, “Through a strategic partnership with U2U, we have actively participated in the global partner’s Venture Builder model, which allows us to expand not only into the Vietnamese market but also into Southeast Asian countries. We look forward to increasing opportunities to widely promote the ecosystem that MetaZellys is building to people of various backgrounds.”

Cris D.Tran, Founder of Unicorn Ultra mentioned, “The partnership with MetaZellys signifies a significant milestone. We will do our best to facilitate the entry of U2U into the Korean market through cross-marketing and co-branding with MetaZellys.”


MetaZellys is a limited edition blockchain PFP project that consists of 5,000 NFTs. It is a digital collection project based on open intellectual property (IP) that supports the owner’s secondary creation and licensing business. It aim to create a Buy & Biz culture with diverse business owners and a Contribution culture where community members can interact with each other in their unique way. The project also includes global expansions in various directions such as blockchain P2E games, brand collaboration, and the issuance of various goods

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