MetaZellys Character, ‘Sunglass Man: Girl’s Revenge’ Protagonist Makes Global Debut in 120 Countries

4 min readSep 14, 2023

- K-All-in-One System Drama ‘Sunglass Man: Girl’s Revenge’ Introduces Business Character

- MetaZellys Character Debuts in Global Stage in 120 Countries through OTT Dramas like Tving and Wavve

The film ‘Sunglass Man: Girl’s Revenge,’ which entered the Berlin Film Festival EFM and gained attention at the Cannes Film Festival Drama Market, was first revealed on August 23 through OTT platforms such as Tving, Wavve, and Watcha, and is scheduled to be distributed in 120 countries worldwide. The Zellys character is riding the wave of popularity and creating synergy with the success of the K-All-in-One System Drama ‘Sunglass Man: Girl’s Revenge.’

The protagonist, Nahyomi, is involved in the character business. The character in the drama is none other than Zellys. Zellys is a character from the NFT project Meta Zellys developed by the branding agency Zellyspace for WEB3.0. It features a character that can be used as a profile picture on various social media platforms. This is called the PFP (Profile Picture) project. PFP is opening up a new business paradigm by integrating digital NFTs with both online and offline physical businesses. The character in this drama is creating a successful case by combining it with the NFT project.

The drama ‘Sunglass Man: Girl’s Revenge’ revolves around ‘Nahyomi’ (played by Cheon Sa), who operates a successful personal channel called ‘Hyomi and a Million Armies.’ YouTuber ‘So Young-soo’ (played by Park Bong-heon) discovers that everyone who appeared on Hyomi’s channel suffers from amnesia. This leads to a social cleansing revenge story as Young-soo demands money from Hyomi and threatens her. The film made its debut on August 23 through Tving, Wavve, and Watcha as it showcased an unprecedented level of revenge in Korean independent drama.

‘Sunglass Man: Girl’s Revenge’ is directed by Director Bong-su, who directed films like ‘Heart,’ ‘Sky and Sea,’ and produced ‘Gura Beethoven.’ Through this work, Director Bong-su took on the challenge of the ‘K-All-in-One System Drama.’ He independently handled everything from planning, scriptwriting, directing, casting, production, to connecting with the distributor, breaking away from the traditional drama production system that relied on star marketing.

Furthermore, it is scheduled to be simultaneously released in approximately 120 countries around the world, including the Americas, Oceania, Europe, the Middle East, India, and Southeast Asia. It is expected to broaden the awareness of Korean dramas, arts, and culture globally, providing opportunities for cultural exchange and communication.

The ‘Zellys Character Doll,’ which appears in ‘Girl’s Revenge,’ has garnered enthusiastic attention from viewers. The female protagonist, who is preparing to start a character doll business, has personally designed the Zellys doll, which is naturally featured in the drama. Zellys’s multi-sensory, soft and fluffy image is loved by people of all ages worldwide, making it a popular character that brings comfort to the hearts of drama fans and consumers alike, and it has the potential to become a product that sells well.

The character dolls from the drama not only have their own appeal, but also connect with consumers as they are associated with the drama. They stimulate the desire of fans to own related character products. The products of the drama’s characters are selling like hotcakes along with the success of the drama.

After the broadcast, preparations are underway to deliver the ‘Zellys Doll’ through pre-orders. It is expected that related product sales will also boom alongside the start of drama streaming if various related products combining the images of the drama protagonists and securing copyrights are designed. This is a representative case of Zellyspace’s OSMU (One Source Multi-Use) strategy, where a well-made character can be used in various ways.

Zellyspace, a web3 planning company that provides commercial use of character IP, stated, “The Zellys in the drama ‘Girl’s Revenge’ touched many people’s hearts with its warm and comfortable image, and we are grateful for the special affection of the fans who love the drama. Currently, as we expand globally, this has become a great opportunity to enter 120 countries overseas through the power of content and OTT platforms.” they emphasized.

Director Bong-su, who incorporated the MetaZellys character into the protagonist business, said, “The reason for including the MetaZellys character as the protagonist business is to symbolize the pure heart when the female protagonist was 10 years old.”


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