MetaZellys 3D Modeling Service, a new expansion and innovation for Holder businesses

3 min readDec 2, 2023


Providing customized characters tailored to each business, the ‘Holder Grow

MetaZellys has launched a groundbreaking 3D modeling service that offers personalized characters for each business as “Holder Growth Characters.” Now, Jelly Holders can freely utilize MetaZellys characters to expand and grow their businesses. These personalized characters are integrated into the holders’ businesses, offering various applications and showcasing diverse poses of the characters through 3D images. These actions symbolize how holders can utilize their characters and infuse diversity and creativity into each business.

The 3D modeling service prioritizes building membership to elevate the value as ‘Holder Growth Characters,’ leading the way in the Web3 ecosystem. With the creation of 5000 different characters, MetaZellys is gaining attention as an innovative new character for creative utilization within Holder businesses. The soft and adorable sentiment of Jellies actively serves as corporate ambassadors, causing the value of characters and limited edition NFTs to rise, fostering concurrent growth within the businesses.

MetaZellys NFT Holders have the commercial rights to utilize their owned IP, exercising commercial rights over the respective NFTs. This means holders can freely use their characters and distribute, sell, or license them for commercial purposes.

In reality, holders are actively leveraging MetaZellys NFTs in businesses. For instance, various fields such as Jellies Jangsu Duck franchise, walnut snacks, soaps, and Zellys Ampoule are expanding. Jellies Jangsu Duck operates over 10 domestic branches as the top local duck meat franchise and actively utilizes Jelly characters. Similarly, the Good Factory producing Jelly Walnut Snacks engages in activities aiding disabled individuals and supplies to Samsung Electronics semiconductor plants and over 700 schools nationwide, aligning its friendly image and products with the market. Zellys Ampoule, a beauty brand with an annual turnover of over 100 billion KRW, appointed the model Han Chae-ah for promotional activities, achieving a sales record of 12 million units with the Ibvedepon Ampoule.

Baek Chan, a vocalist and rapper in the mixed group 8eight, collaborated with BAYC#4172 and Zellys to produce collaborative music.

Currently, discussions are underway with numerous companies aiming for collaborations between over 100 brands and Zellys characters for business expansion. Additionally, with 5000 Jellies scattered worldwide, they are expanding into the global market, focusing on Southeast Asia, including Vietnam and Thailand, to meet various friends and grow in different cities globally.


MetaZellys is a limited edition blockchain PFP project that consists of 5,000 NFTs. It is a digital collection project based on open intellectual property (IP) that supports the owner’s secondary creation and licensing business. We aim to create a Buy & Biz culture with diverse business owners and a Contribution culture where community members can interact with each other in their unique way. The project also includes global expansions in various directions such as blockchain P2E games, brand collaboration, and the issuance of various goods

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