Elevating Web3 Brand Discovery: Battle Showdown Unveils a New Era of Interconnected Gaming Through Partnership with MetaZellys

3 min readAug 18, 2023

MetaZellys joins the consortium of Blue Chip NFTs CryptoPunks, BAYC, BBRC and Doodles in offering their IP as playable characters inside the hit game Battle Showdown.

MetaZellys (Photo provided by Zellyspace)

Zellyspace, a pioneering Korean web3 company at the helm of the MetaZellys brand, led by CEO Bruno Cho, is excited to announce a significant partnership with Ethlas, a leading web3 blockchain software company. Together, MetaZellys and Ethlas are embarking on a journey to introduce the MetaZellys IP to the global Web3 gaming community. Starting this August, players will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Battle Showdown, utilizing the MetaZellys avatar to represent their community, engaging in friendly clashes with fellow Web3 enthusiasts in an exciting brawler showdown.

With its inception in April 2022, Ethlas swiftly rose to prominence as a remarkable gaming infrastructure and web3 security company on the global stage. Drawing on the experience of leaders from acclaimed tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Airbnb, and Grab, Ethlas secured substantial investment totaling $8.7 million from respected backers, including Sequoia Capital, Dragonfly Capital, Makers Fund, and Grab. This has solidified Ethlas as a noteworthy venture capital-backed player from the Asian landscape.

Central to Ethlas’ portfolio is ‘Battle Showdown,’ a captivating multiplayer platform shooter, ingeniously powered by interoperable NFTs. Each NFT seamlessly transforms into an in-game avatar, enriching the Web3 experience with on-chain and off-chain rewards, creating a vibrant social gaming environment. Available for download on Android and iOS, ‘Battle Showdown’ has fostered a global community, evident in the registration of 1.5 million historical wallet addresses across the Ethlas ecosystem to date.

Ethlas’ strategic collaborations with various leading Web3 brands is core to the movement sweeping across Web3 today. Utilising the pioneering ReadyNFT® solution, a Generative AI-driven plug-and-play infrastructure, any web3 project can effortlessly adapt their NFT into an immersive in-game avatar. With over 50+ Web3 brands already benefiting from ReadyNFT’s seamless utility (including renowned brands like CryptoPunks, BAYC, BBRC and Doodles), Ethlas is leading the way in redefining the way we interact with Web3 brands through the power of Blockchain and Generative AI.

Bruno Cho, CEO of Zellyspace, quotes, “Our partnership with Ethlas ushers MetaZellys into a new chapter, gently stepping into the gaming sphere. This collaboration offers us a unique opportunity to connect with global users through the joy of gaming. It’s truly rewarding to find ourselves mentioned alongside esteemed NFT projects like CryptoPunks and Doodles. As we continue our expansion into new horizons, such as Vietnam, interest from global partners warms our hearts, paving the way for MetaZellys to shine across various Web3 platforms in the future. We’re committed to fostering a global presence through avenues like exchanges, wallets, and games, joined by our shared marketing endeavours.”

“This partnership signifies a major milestone for Ethlas, as we seek to expand the reach of our gamified brand platform across major gaming communities in countries such as South Korea, USA and Japan. We’re excited about what the future holds!”, says Wui Ngiap Foo, CEO of Ethlas.

Find out more about Ethlas & MetaZellys at https://ethlas.com/battleshowdown/ & MetaZellys: https://www.metazellys.com/


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