BitArcade and MetaZellys Announce Strategic Partnership in the Thai Market

2 min readFeb 18, 2024


BitArcade and MetaZellys, leading players in the digital art and blockchain technology sectors, have joined forces to announce a strategic partnership in the Thai market. This collaboration is expected to revolutionize Thailand’s digital content market, focusing on providing new opportunities for creative artists.

MetaZellys pioneers the Web 3.0 era, emphasizing the open utilization of creativity and intellectual property rights. The company’s digital collections inspire creativity, encourage various creative activities, and even offer opportunities for commercializing NFTs.

On the other hand, BitArcade is renowned for its expertise in WEB3 and Esports marketing. Through this partnership, BitArcade will introduce MetaZellys’ innovative content to the Thai market, enhancing awareness of digital art and NFTs.

Bruno Cho, representative of MetaZellys, stated: “MetaZellys aims to stimulate people’s imagination and enhance individual creativity through innovative digital art experiences. This partnership with BitArcade will greatly contribute to realizing our vision. With BitArcade’s expertise and extensive influence in the Thai market, we look forward to reaching a wider audience with MetaZellys’ content, exploring new possibilities in digital art and providing more opportunities for creators.”

Nutchanon Ekrangsi, representing BitArcade, eagerly anticipates our collaboration with MetaZellys. While MetaZellys leads in digital art and NFTs, BitArcade’s expertise in digital marketing and blockchain is unmatched. Together, we’re poised to reshape the Thai market. With BitArcade’s prowess and MetaZellys’ innovation, success is inevitable.”

BitArcade and MetaZellys aim to leverage each other’s strengths through this partnership to propagate creative digital content across the broader Thai market.

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